Free GM Resource: Fantasy Name Generator

Free GM Resource: Fantasy Name Generator
I'm pretty sure this week's Free GM Resource is related to last week's resource, but it needed it's own callout.

The Fantasy Name Generator is pretty straight-forward, generating.....fantasy names. What I really liked about this particular generator is that there are three categories of names (Serious, Fun, and Specialized) and a lot.....I mean a lot of individual generators.

The generator doesn't just make a name, but a whole block of names, so you can have a bunch to choose from or just use. There are several specific generators I've never seen before, like a Pokemon name generator and a Hawaiian name generator.

I'm sure some of my regular readers might think they'll never need some of the generators, but if you think about it.......a Pokemon generator would be a great way to rename/reskin some classic monsters in your campaign. Sure, the players may have run into hundreds of Ogres before, but when in a new land they hear about these massive creatures called Ardymons.....

Thanks to Samuel Stoddard for version 1.5 of the Fantasy Name Generator!


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