Free GM Resource: Spellburn Podcast

Free GM Resource: Spellburn Podcast
I've made it clear a few times that my favorite OSR game has always been HackMaster, even though the argument could easily be made that the current edition isn't OSR, but the previous edition was definitely the 1st OSR game that wasn't a specific edition of D&D/AD&D.

I have managed to play in a couple of games of Dungeon Crawl Classics at conventions and I really did enjoy the game(s). Even though it isn't a home-game for me, I do listen to the Spellburn Podcast and really recommend it as a Free GM Resource.

Without having a great grasp of the rules, just listening to the Judges J can give a ton of great ideas for the creative GM/DM/Judge. If nothing else I think it is worthwhile tuning into the podcast while you are doing other gaming tasks, like painting minis, building terrain, game prep, etc.

As a little bit of a twofer, the Spellburn Podcast's website has some bonus material in the form of "Dungeon Denizens" you might enjoy reading/borrowing.

The Spellburn Podcast is available via iTunes and RSS.


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