Free GM Resource: Drinking Quest Side Quest Saloon of Horrors

Free GM Resource: Drinking Quest Side Quest Saloon of Horrors
Today's Free GM Resource is a "side quest" for a game I don't own....yet. Drinking Quest has been on my radar as part of my "wish list" for couple of years now.

Saloon of Horrors is a "parody dungeon" for Drinking Quest that actually has the blessing of DQ's creator, at least according to the Side Quest's creator.

One aspect I just love about our hobby is that a lot of folks, especially in the OSR movement (yes, I get that DQ isn't an OSR game), is that we take our love of a cherished game and channel it into creating stuff not only for that cherished game, but for other's to enjoy as well.

While I could just link to the Saloon of Horrors depository, the links here go to the creator's blog post on The Savage AfterWorld. Feel free to go over there, download and play the game, and leave some encouraging feedback. As of the timing of this post there aren't any comments and I can speak from experience knowing that someone else is sharing the love of a certain game really helps out.....

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Yup, Jason gave me his OK to create the PNP "mini-expansion" for DQ. And if you haven't yet jumped aboard, a NEW DQ game is now Kickstarting: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/drinkingquest/drinking-quest-old-habits