Free GM Resource: DesktopHero 3D

Free GM Resource: DesktopHero 3D
I'm still recovering from a bout of sickness last week, but I wanted to make sure I got a Free GM Resource posted this week.

For your gaming goodness this week I have a rather interesting model generator....for 3D printing called DesktopHero.

From the application's "about" page: "DesktopHero is an open-source, open-library character maker for 3D printing! It began as a Kickstarter in mid 2016, then became a real thing over the course of the next year and a half. The webapp was released to the public in January 2018."

The webapp is .....interesting. I've seen some minor glitches and oddities here & there and while it might seem a bit odd, there are a lot of options and you probably need to invest some time to get good while playing around with the application. Luckily there are some examples of what other people have done and it might be easier to start with one of those.

It is easy to export a character/mini that you have created (or is a work in progress) and you might be a bit confused when the app downloads a .dhc file. That isn't a 3d printing file, but just a file type for this application. You have to use the other download icon to save the creation as a STL file for 3d printing.

If you have a 3d printer you should check out DesktopHero3d.


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