I've Decided to Get Back Into Patreon...for Reasons!

I've Decided to Get Back Into Patreon...for Reasons!
A couple months ago I pretty much gave up on Patreon and...surprise, surprise it has had a negative impact on my creativeness and straight-out production.

In short.....I've done diddly squat RPG-wise since "quitting".

This is not good. Evidently I need the motivation. This is why I'm jumping back on the Patreon bandwagon again, but I'm going to change things up:

1st off I will only have one Patron/Reward tier and that is $1 a month. Oh yeah, instead of a "per creation" model I'm switching over to a monthly model. The only problem I have with this change is that it appears that Patreon's only option for a monthly campaign is an up-front charge, which I do not want because that could incentivize me to not produce, which is kind of the point in the first place.

I'm hoping that I can do a bit of a work-around by officially not making any changes until after the beginning of April. If I make the change mid-month before I post anything then my Patrons would get charged in May, technically for the month of May, but good enough for my purposes.

Since I want to do a monthly model my goal is one map, one Tweak & Toss, and then one "other" thing a month. Get back to d30 Tables, maybe another map, bonus monsters, or just something altogether different.

I still have some work to do on the actual Patreon campaign page, but you can check in if you want to see what I'm attempting to do.....


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