Free GM Resource: Les' Wash Recipe

Free GM Resource: Les' Wash Recipe
I'm being quite selfish with this week's Free GM Resource, which is basically just some free information that will cost you a little bit should you try to use it, but the results are well worth the price.

It's selfish because I had completely lost track of this information so when I needed to use it I was back to square one and not having a clue how to use the materials I had acquired.

The free info is how to make some awesome mini/terrain washes. The details can be located at a couple of different places, but if you don't save/print them you can be totally lost when the time comes.....much like I was.

These washes were for sale and then they weren't and then maybe they were, but the links I checked were no good....


You will need:
  • Distilled Water (grocery store)
  • Liquitex Matte Medium
  • Liquitex Flow-Aid Fluid Additive
  • Plastic Squeeze Bottle
  • Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Water-Resistant Artist's Ink
  • Large Plastic Squeeze Filler Bottles
  • Recipe notebook so you can write down custom mixes
  • All recipes use 1 oz bottles. Adjust to whatever size you decide to go with.

  1. Fill 1 filler bottle with Matte Medium, the other with a 10:1 Distilled Water and Flow Aid.
  2. Fill the 1oz Dropper Bottle half way with Matte Medium then fill the rest of the way with the Water/Flow Aid mix leaving a little room for the ink drops so you dont over flow.
  3. Every bottle uses this combination to start with.
  4. Shake inks well before adding them to the mix.

  • Soft Body Black: 20 drops Black
  • Heavy Body Black: 60 drops Black
  • Parchment: 40 Drops Flesh Tint
  • Flesh Wash: 40 Drops Burnt Umber
  • Dark Sepia: 40 Drops Sepia
  • Blue: 40 Drops Rowney Blue
  • Green: 40 Drops Dark Green
  • Purple: 40 Drops Purple Lake
  • Stone - 60 Raw Sienna: 20 Black
  • Ruby - 60 Flame Red: 20 Black
  • Armor Wash - 60 Sepia: 20 Black
  • Sapphire - 60 Rowney Blue: 20 Black
  • Baby Poop - 60 Flame Orange: 20 Black
  • Alagae - 60 Dark Green: 20 Black
  • Sewer Water - 60 Burnt Umber: 20 Black
  • Amethyst - 60 Purple Lake: 20 Black
  • Concrete - 60 Flesh Tint: 20 Black
  • Storm Cloud - 60 Turquoise: 20 Black
If you want to see examples of these colors, check out this page (this is the guy's blog, so poke around for some other awesomeness while you are there).


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