Free GM Resource: Vulpinize Your Maps!

Free GM Resource: Map Tutorials
This week's Free GM Resource is another one of those "have I used this before?" things that I had to take some extra time to check out. I'm not adverse to re-visiting earlier resources, but I like those re-visits to be deliberate and not too-often.

These Map Tutorials are a series of Blog posts over at the Observations of the Fox, which is Michael Weman's blog.

Personally, I suck at drawing maps so tutorials like these have really helped me out in the past, serving as a base that I can use to work off of as I try to figure out my own style.

Free GM Resource: Vulpinize Your Maps!
Example Graphic
Each post has a graphic outlying the info from the post. It's clearly a scan of a page, but it is useful to save the pics. I only wish they were higher resolution so I could print them out into a booklet for me to reference when I'm trying my hand at drawing (which I don't do often because....well I already stated I suck at drawing).

The Map Tutorials are definitely worth checking out!


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