My "Work-In-Progress" Wizard's Tower

My "Work-In-Progress" Wizard's Tower
Wonky Wizard's Tower with a Crappy RoofFor the last few months I've been collecting supplies to build some towers for terrain pieces. The idea was to make them out of pink insulation foam and to use old booze bottle tubes (they probably have a proper name that escapes me) as the base. I currently work at a liquor store, so these basic supplies are easy enough to get.

While I was collecting supplies I went and built...and rebuilt...a hot wire foam cutter that works pretty decent. I think I'll probably save up to buy a proper cutter only because I think it'll be faster and even more precise than what I have now.

This morning I finally finished my 1st tower and I'm calling it very much a "work-in-progress" build, even though this stage is done. The idea was to have a somewhat "wonky" wizard tower. I think I accomplished that with the tower, although the way I did the build proved difficult to paint & seal properly. It doesn't show up that bad in normal light, but there were a lot of cracks and crevices that still show pink foam. The top of the tower was definitely "wonky" before I started tiling it, but the tiles covered it up too much. The tiles themselves are too think and didn't paint up the way I wanted them to, so it's back to the drawing board on them. I already have another idea to try out. I was going more for wood shingles, so there is a brownish base (unpainted cardstock), greyish/weathered parts, and a light coating of green to represent moss.

The top actually comes off fairly easy and the inside could be used for storage. What I'll probably end up doing is figuring out the new roof and simply replacing this roof with one I like better.


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