Free GM Resource: Creation and Depiction of Fantasy Cities

Free GM Resource: Creation and Depiction of Fantasy Cities
This week's Free GM Resource is a neat little "guidebook" for creating Fantasy Cities for your game world. It's not long at 19 pages, but there is a lot of good content.

This guide was written by Ravi Shankar, a community leader over at the Cartographer's Guild (which I'm certain has been listed as a resource before). You can find links to the guide here at the Cartographer's Guild. It is available for online viewing, but I recommend just downloading the PDF.

Since it's only 19 pages, some of which are not really filled with content, it isn't going to be much more than a big-picture type of guide, but it does that 10K' view well and...well...the price is right. I think it is well worth the read if for no other reason than to help a GM get his/her head a bit straight before settling down for a mapping session. It doesn't really make sense that just because you are creating a fantasy world that your cities don't make much real-world sense, and this book can help with that.


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