Free GM Resource: DungeonPrint Studios

Free GM Resource: DungeonPrint Studios
This week's Free GM Resource is something that is pretty cool....providing you use a 3d printer to make dungeon tiles and that you use Fat Dragon Games 3d models (which you should...if you do 3d print).

DungeonPrint Studio is an online service that lets you set up a map of a 3d model (lay out tiles of 3d .stl files you own) and then save/print the map and generate a list of which files, and how many, you need to print.

If you've ever seen a 3d diorama you've undoubtedly noticed that it is made up of a bunch of smaller tiles that are connected to each other. Well, when you have hundreds of these files in your collection.....which you will have soon after starting this hobby, trust me, knowing which tiles you need for a project can be a bit of a PITA. Sure you could just print a bunch of blank tiles and pull what you need, but to do that you'll need a LOT of tiles printed that you might never use. Sure, the tiles are relatively cheap, but they take some time and effort to create so why waste those resources if you don't need to?

Here is a sample map I made up real quick:

DungeonPrint Studios Example Map
Click to make larger
Not perfect, and being able to rotate the build map shows me I need to clean up a few sections, but whatever....it's just a test model. This map generated a 7 page build list, but I'll just share a quick shot of the 1st page and one of the build pages:

DungeonPrint Studios Example Build List PDF
DungeonPrint Studios is a useful tool for GM's that use 3d printed terrain!


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