No Free GM Reference This Week....Yet

No Free GM Reference This Week....Yet
I know my...."participation" here as the Frugal GM has been a bit more sporadic than I have anticipated. Between training up at the new job and more stupid health problems (mostly stupid things like an emergency root canal and fallout from that....like pain meds) too much has been up in the air and I was really hoping that this week's Free GM Resource would be the beginning of a great restart.....because it was an awesome resource...

.....a too good to be true resource....

...which it is, or so I think it is. I found a link to an interesting collection of old RPG material and when I was doing the pre-requisite poking around I found what most definitely WAS NOT new material, stuff I had just paid for a month ago and even more stuff I know is still for sale and should be for sale instead of some type of of huge info dump.

So I cannot in good faith recommend a site that is sharing stuff for free that shouldn't be free.....so I'll have to find something else later in the week to share.


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