Free GM Resource: Tomb of 3D Printed Horrors YouTube Channel

Free GM Resource: Tomb of 3D Printed Horrors YouTube Channel
I'm not sure how many of my 12 regular readers are into 3d printing, but I'm trying to get spun up myself.....

There is a decent investment up-front and 3d printing isn't a quick process, so it doesn't naturally fit in to the idea of frugality as one would expect to find here. I had about 300 words written expressing why I want 3d printed tiles, but in the end it's really just another set of terrain for my table to work alongside everything else. I'm not planning on forgoing flat sheet terrain, cardboard models, foam core buildings, or even a virtual table-top. It's all good and I want to use it all.....

If you are like me and want to get into 3d printing terrain, then you should check out Tom Tullis' YouTube page Tomb of 3D Printed Horrors. This channel isn't about printing terrain per se, but more about setting up and tweaking your printer. While he does focus on one particular model, there are a lot of take-aways that can be applied to whatever model you choose. There is also a Facebook group (a Free GM resource twofer!) more for fans/builders of Fat Dragon Games specific terrain, but it is a great source for information in general and some good specifics for settings and slicers (if you don't know what a slicer is, then start with the YouTube channel).

This is a new channel and as of the time of this posting there are 55 videos full of great info.


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