Another Shill Post For The Man!

Another Shill Post For The Man!
I know I've already posted about the current Fat Dragon Games Kickstarter, but today the campaign enters into its final 24 hours.

Now I'm not normally a big shill for Kickstarter because I've been burned before, but FDG has consistently (like 110%) fulfilled their obligations, often before the established release dates (hence the 110%) and the product has always been well worth the money, in my opinion.

For example, the current campaign has three simple tiers, bonus items, and a bunch of stretch goals. FDG doesn't screw around with expensive "limited tier" pledge levels or reward those already on the inside track for gobbling up the good tiers.

You want the product, you got it. The more the merrier, which really leads to the reason I'm "shilling for the man": I want the stretch goals....ALL the stretch goals.

I realize at this point of the post I hadn't bothered to even explain WHAT this Kickstarter is....this FDG Kickstarter is for .stl files for those of us that have access to 3D Printers. Who doesn't want affordable minis?

So check out the Kickstarter, see if it's good for you, and pledge (or not). Seriously though, if you do have a 3D Printer you should also check out the add-on pledges. Compare the price available for this Kickstarter with the price over at DriveThruRPG.

Fat Dragon Games Kickstarter

The Free GM Resource will be posted later this week....AFTER the Kickstarter Campaign ends.....


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