North Texas RPG Con: Day 3 Report

North Texas RPG Con: Day 3 Report
Ok folks, this is a down & dirty day 3 report because it is almost 2 AM, I want to game in the morning, and I'm beat.

Had a "straight" Dungeon Crawl Classics game right after breakfast, a game with the esteemed Tim Kask, then a charity auction, then a 1st Edition AD&D game with Lloyd Metcalf , then the wild & crazy Midnight auction.

The only "haul" from today were three items I won at the Midnight Auction. These pics are fuzzier than I'd like and I really should explain, but it is almost 2 AM......

I'll try to cover everything in a convention wrap-up post. Until then.....good night.

2 Pair of underwear and Urinal Box

Phil Foglio "Signed" What's New 1 & 2

Brindlemarsh Supplement and Super Rare Casting


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