North Texas RPG Con: Day 2 Report

North Texas RPG Con: Day 2 Report
Today was a busy day at North Texas RPG Con. It's late and I have an early game tomorrow, so this will be a brief brief, as it were.

Started the morning with a Swords & Wizardry game, specifically the Mythrus Tower setting for low level PCs. The game was run by the main man himself, Matt Finch. We finished a bit early and we were to have a good four hours until our next scheduled game, but we had a different Swords & Wizardry Mythrus Tower game as an ad hoc session with another GM.

We got about an hour before our next game, which was a BX d30 centric game. I bit the big one by failing a saving throw for Dragon's Breath in the final encounter. Actually I made the 1st roll, kind of, but since the die skipped out of my designated Die-Rolling-Zone I didn't count it and re-rolled appropriately, going from a 17 to a 4. Still had a lot of fun, so no big loss.

Planet Eris Map & GazetterI just realized that my gaming buddy Shad has not lost a game or PC yet this convention......the bastard. He's in bed snoring away right now and it'd be too easy to break out the bowl of warm water........

Today's "haul" of gaming goodness was me going for quality over quantity. I picked up the World Map and Gazetteer for $15. I just really liked the map. I thought the adventures were a bit much at $10 a pop, but I'll probably break down and buy them anyway. I also try to pick up some new art pieces at every convention. If I can afford it I'll go for an original over a print. I managed to pick up Doug Kovacs' "Knight Dragging Ogre", which is in the core Dungeon Crawl Classics book. It isn't a large piece, but I really like it. While I love his work, most seems to scream "DCC" to me, so this piece strikes me as more system neutral.

Doug Kovacs' "Knight Dragging Ogre"


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