Regular Posts Will be Shifted This Week....

Regular Posts Will be Shifted This Week....
This week's Free GM Resource will either be late or simply skipped due to a completely avoidable work trip.......well, kind of. I'm off to an undisclosed location for an unspecified period of time and I've been told we'll have internet, but it might be iffy. Definitely no high-speed gaming, but email and blogging should be doable. If not, I'll have to visit an internet cafe because where I'm off to has those kind of things.

I am taking most of my gaming files with me and I'm really hoping that some of my downtime will let me catch up on organizing my files (fun!) and start working on some items I hope to have for publication in 2020!

I'm not forgetting about you 13 regular readers.....I just had a last-minute opportunity to squeeze in a visit to the family farm (last seen in 2016) before this business trip and I had to take it.


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