Finally Scored at Half Priced Books

Finally Scored at Half Priced Books
Just before this trip that I'm on I had a visit up to the family farm back in Iowa. While there I mentioned a specific book that my mother would be interested in and that led me to stopping by a Half-Priced Books in Oklahoma City on my way back.

I have friends in Texas and between them and listening to the now-defunct Roll For Initiative podcast, I was always hoping that HFB would be the gaming treasure trove I've heard miraculous tales of in the past. Things like 1st printing Fiend Folios for $10 and the like.

Alas....I haven't found much to brag about myself....until this unexpected side trip. The store had already sold the book my mother wanted, but I decided to look at the rest of the "rare book" section because I have been building up my own "Appendix N" library and many of the old pulpy books were really only available in old dime-store paperbacks. This store had nothing I wanted, or so I thought.

As you can probably guess by the lead-in graphic, this Half Priced Books had a fair number of the old TSR Endless Quest Books. They had maybe 15 books and wanted $150 for the lot, which was a bit more than I can afford because of this trip, but I was able to pick up most of the 1st 10 books for under $50 and these books are mint...doesn't even look like they've been opened. I'm now kind of looking for crappy copies so I can play with them. I picked up books 1-6, 11, 13, & 15 and will have to add the others to my list of stuff to look out for.

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