Free GM Resource: Real Terrain Hobbies Youtube Channel

Free GM Resource: Real Terrain Hobbies Youtube Channel
It's been a while since I've posted a YouTube channel as a Free GM Resource and since I'm wary of over-doing this as a whole, it might be a while before I post another one......

...that and as more of these channels grab my attention, the bar for even being considered for inclusion (I hope) goes up significantly. Basically as I see more "stuff" I usually just end up seeing more of the same stuff......and I don't know about you, but I'd rather see newer tips, techniques, and builds.

Real Terrain Hobbies came onto my radar when the channel was building a HUGE gaming diorama. Huge might be an understatement as this thing was something like 6'x4'x3' castle build with a ton of resin pieces that took two men about a week to paint and assemble. It's a glorious thing and I learned a thing or two I hope to be able to use in some of my future builds.

This is the 1st video in the playlist for the big build. There are five videos total.....I particularly liked the use of pigments and some of the final touches with plants in the last video. 


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