Free GM Resource: SmartEdit Writer (Novel Writing Software)

Free GM Resource: SmartEdit Writer (Novel Writing Software)
I was watching YouTube the other day, like I do, and came across a video concerning a GM's setup. For the most part I didn't get much out of the video, but the GM used a computer program as a virtual GM screen.

Now that piece of software was designed for novel writing and it wasn't free, but I was able to find a free alternative that did the same stuff.....providing you use Windows. There are other similar-ish programs that'll work with Mac/iOS, but SmartEdit Writer did everything I was looking for.

I'm not sure I would actually use SmartEdit Writer to write an actual adventure, but I'm really biased for reasons, and think the idea of character development that this program could lead to would be lost on an adventure.

The reason why I recommend SmartEdit Writer for a virtual GM screen is because you can use the basic organization the program provides to layout your assorted graphs, tables, charts, and assorted bits of information. Being able to make notes on characters....NPCs specifically, campaign bits, etc, would be really useful:

  • Project Management (can you say "Adventure Management"?)
  • Scenes, Fragments, and Notes
  • Searching
  • Automatic Backups
  • Customizable Interface
Smart Edit Writer Screenshot

There's a lot to this tool and it looks like an awesome Free GM Resource. Check out SmartEdit Writer today.


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