Free GM Resource: WinX YouTube Downloader

Free GM Resource: WinX YouTube Downloader
Okay, I realize that this week's Free GM Resource is non-conventional and going to hit from far left field, but I've really been enjoying WinX YouTube Downloader and I see just how useful it is going to be for quite a few projects I have lined up.

Now I've recommended quite a few YouTube channels in the past and there are a lot of terrain builds I want to try for myself, but there are other useful channels I've recommended, such as Fat Dragon Games' Tomb of 3d Printed Horrors. Now I watch a lot of YouTube when I'm working on projects and.....yeah, I'm not a fan of trying to navigate through the videos to follow along or repeat info I need. While the videos are useful, the YouTube interface is not.

For a couple of reasons I find it incredibly useful to be able to watch, and re-watch, some of these videos and simply having them available outside of the online YouTube connection is useful. It might be odd, but I can easily have one video on my TV playing in the background and have my laptop, or tablet playing the video offline.

WinX YouTube Downloader has been the answer to a problem I've been having trying to build out in my garage where my network is crap (for one example).


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