Free GM Resource: Village Generator from ChicagoWiz

Free GM Resource: Village Generator from ChicagoWiz
This week's Free GM Resource is a quick down & dirty Village Generator from ChicagoWiz's Games.

The thing I like about this site, aside from the simple fact it's one single-fricken-button for generation, is the fact that....well, it's simple, or "down & dirty" as I put it. There's not a lot to it, which you might think is a detractor, but really......

...well I don't know about you, but I don't need all that much but a skeleton to work off of. Sure, I do more for myself at my table, but if I'm reaching for a Village Generator I only need so much, and that's what is here.

For example:
Population- 276
Ruled by- Magistrate
Defenses- Ditch and Palisade
Policed by- Militia with 8 guards.
Water supply- Stream

Places of business-
Elf's Head Tavern

Resources are Average. Availability of goods: 30%

There is a weekly merchant fair held here.

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