Free GM Resource: Digital Comics Museum

Free GM Resource: Digital Comics Museum
Frugal GM Note: I'm technically on quarantine for the next two weeks due to work, and moving slow due to a recent injury so I'm slow-rolling it for a few weeks. I'm supposed to both rest and not sit around on my ass or back at the same time, so go figure.

This week's Free GM Resource is another odd one.....I like pointing out some of these odd resources that the average GM might not even have considered. If you happen to be one of the writing/publishing-type GMs ideas for new encounters/monsters might not....."flow" as easily as you'd like. Finding art to back up you idea might be a bazillion times harder.

Creature Catalog Vol 1
Kind of a twofer here, a Free GM Resource and a GM Prep-Tip: work backwards. Find some cool art and then write to it. I don't do this too often, but I have done it...specifically working on Creature Catalog Vol 1. I'm not going to link it as it's one of my few products I put up for  couple bucks on DTRPG. The cover was the after-thought, but the genesis of that product was that I found a book of weirdly drawn creatures and thought I'd turn them into monsters.

A veritable treasure-trove of cool, public domain art that can be mined for sweet ideas (maybe more for certain genres, but still...) are Golden Age Comics.

The Digital Comics Museum is a cool website where you can download old Golden Age comics that have been researched and verified to be public domain. You'll need an account to download the comics, but that's it.

Browse to your heart's content.....oh and just because I'm approaching this from an art to ideas format.....it doesn't mean you cannot also/instead look at it from a story-line perspective.


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