Free GM Resource: Spray Primer "How To" Video

Free GM Resource: Spray Primer "How To" Video
I'm not sure if I mentioned here, or over at Tenkar's Tavern, that recently I've been going through my literally thousands of minis that I have that are unpainted and needing some attention.*

I'm trying to get thing set up to start making them table ready and so I've been investigating the possibilities of airbrushing them instead of hand-painting, which has been my go-to....when I can get around to it, which was maybe a few years ago. Part of my problem is that it's just a daunting task.

Anyway, I have been picking up the supplies I need to start the task and I've been reviewing YouTube videos for equipment/supply reviews and also some introductory "How To's". One great video I found with some tips I hadn't seen elsewhere is the Vallejo Surface Primers from Scale War Machines.

Now this guy paints on a scale (literally) that I'm not going to be, but there is still some great carry-over to what I'm going to be doing.

*My mini collection has been a couple decades in the making and I have maybe 10 minis that I have HUNDREDS of dupes of because I bought them in bulk for less than the cost of the base metal because a game company just wanted them gone. Even without those I have a lot though....


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