Free GM Resource: WikiArt.org


Free GM Resource: WikiArt.org
I might be in the minority, but I find artwork important to my gaming experience. I like to use art to "punch up" my gaming projects, to show to my players as examples, and even as inspiration for sessions/games/adventures/etc.

A while ago I was on a huge Dutch Golden Age kick......I didn't know it was the Dutch Golden Age, I just knew I got a lot out of artists such as Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Actually Bruegel the Elder was Flemish and not part of the Dutch Golden Age, but bear with me as this is part of my point......

WikiArt.org is a wonderful website where you can view the works of so many artists. Do a search for a subject, artist, genre...whatever. Take a look at the results and then....start link hoping.

Links from Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Example of links (in blue)

For me....that's it. I can hop through a bunch of different art and inevitably find something cool I can use.

What you do with the art once you've gotten here.....well, that's up to you. All I suggest is that you document/attribute your art appropriately. 


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