Free GM Resource: The Magus Divlantia (Netbook)


Free GM Resource: The Magus Divlantia (Netbook)
After my home-groups' game this weekend my Magic User managed to get some new spells and I figured I might make up a custom spellbook so I could have a quick reference during the game without needing to open a full-on copy of the rulebook. Before I was going to start on this task I thought it'd be smart to do a quick interweb search and see if I could find anything already done as it's an OSR game.

Well I didn't find what I was wanting, but after too much link-hopping I came across this excellent rendition of an old netbook: The Magus Divlantia.

This netbook has been really well done and really reminds me of my old HackMaster game and if I had this 30 years ago I totally would've used it in my game! As is the nature of these things I'm not really sure who is hosting this file on their Google Drive, but I'm grateful for it and if nothing else, it's a great resource in general for an old-school rules game. If you haven't already seen all the books that this netbook used as reference material, the author listed them out starting on page 72. There's only one I don't have and should probably pick up.....


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