Free GM Resource: RPG Themed Cookbook

Free GM Resource: RPG Themed Cookbook

Today is the Monday before Thanksgiving, 2020.....too early to freak out about the holiday cooking, but not too early that there isn't a lot to think about, prepare, and hopefully get your menu together so you can get what you need before the appointed cooking freakout time.

Today's Free GM Resource was inspired by the new WotC D&D cookbook that has just come out. Of course that cookbook isn't free and this offering is technically PWYW, and a year old already, but the place I found it was promoting is as "a FREE product for every fellow Ravenloft enthusiast!", so take it at their word or toss them a buck or two, your choice.

The fine folks at Mistfactor Press advertise Antonia Lúpri's Ravenloft Cookbook as containing:

          - Antonia Lúpri's Ravenloft Cookbook with art made by us.

          - The great NPC, Antonia Lúpri with her Statblock and lore background

          - 5 quest ideas that Antonia can give to your players

          - 18 food recipes that can be prepared for your players to enjoy an actual Ravenloft dinner while you play

          - 5 Dark Cocktail recipes to taste the dread!

          - A menu handout for your players to order what they desire and feel like they are in an actual restaurant!

          - 2 fully illustrated maps of the Cornucopia Tavern (DM's and player's version)

          - 20 Magical side effects accompanying each dish and drink. 

I liked this product and found it cool that the cookbook was separate from the handouts/GM aides, although the cookbook is only pages 10-24 of the main book, so you could just as easily print off the pages you need for the kitchen.

Like usual, click on the link/graphic above, or feel free to use this link.


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