Free GM Resource: RP Archive YouTube Channel


Free GM Resource: RP Archive YouTube Channel
[Sorry to have two YouTube channels in as many weeks, but I'm home recovering from a bout of sickness and in a fair bit of pain, so I'm doing "nothing" watching a lot more YouTube. I wanted to save this for next month, but it was either this or nothing......]

So I've recently started actually working on some table-top terrain and I'm not following the source documentation video to the letter. After watching and re-watching the video a few times I finally let YouTube just run it out and let the algorithm figure out what I should watch next because the part of the project that took maybe 20'......yeah, for me it's more like six hours. Seriously...I'm making some tweaks  for "realism" and it's dragging me down.

Anyway, as I'm doing my tedious work on this terrain YouTube starts flipping through a few terrain channels and eventually jumps to one I haven't seen before: RP Archive. I'm not a huge fan of the modularity of some of his blocks, but I love his furniture and how the channel creator uses magnets.  I've already picked up my supplies to make some things from RP Archive after I'm done with my current terrain project.


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