Free GM Resource: Owlbear Rodeo (VTT)


Free GM Resource: Owlbear Rodeo (VTT)
Yeah.....I have no good excuse about not posting yesterday....my bad?

This weekend while YouTube hopping (this isn't another YouTube channel) I was alerted to what looked like a freakin cool online Free GM Resource for running games online: Owlbear Rodeo.

This is not the perfect Virtual Table-Top, but I've been through a bunch of VTTs and I'm starting to form the opinion there is no "perfect" VTT, unless you want to code one yourself. Lately I've been in an online game over Zoom and I'm thinking my group could probably get a helluva lot of use out of Owlbear Rodeo.

Getting started is easy....really easy (emphasis is mine):

1. Start a game to generate a unique URL that can connect you and your players.

Each game is recycled after 24 hours so make sure you create a new game when you play your next session.

2. Invite players with your unique URL from step 1.

3. Share a map, roll dice or share audio with your players.

All data is saved automatically to your computer so next session simply use the same computer and all your maps and tokens will be ready to go.

That's it, no accounts, no paywalls, no ads, just a virtual tabletop.

For more tutorials visit the How To page

Now I think you should check out the site, poke around, and even become a Patron if you do that kind of thing, but since I found out about this site through a YouTube review, you can get some eyes-on with a single click:


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