Free GM Resource: Art & Tutorials from Stéphane "Wootha" Richard


Free GM Resource: Art & Tutorials from Stéphane "Wootha" Richard
I'm not an artist, but I do try to make & create "art" time from time, usually digitally. While I have actually taken a Photoshop course, it was part of a larger Adobe course....and a decade ago. I forget a lot of stuff normally, and specifics on how to do stuff in a computer program.....

Anyway, I'm assuming some of my 12 13 readers uses Photoshop, or maybe GIMP, and could use a few pointers here & there.

Today's Free GM Resource is a bit of a twofer from a "single" source: Stéphane "Wootha" Richard. Wootha is a French Freelance Concept Artist who also does some cool online tutorials. That's one part....the other is that recently Wootha put a metric (he is French) shit-ton of his work into the Public Domain.

The tutorials can be found on his page at Artstation.

The artwork can be found via his Adobe Spark page. For the most part it is a huge 90GB file dump and allegedly has a web folder view, but at my cursory glance I didn't see a whole lot. I didn't want to download a big file dump onto my laptop, so I'll have to look later.

What I did find useful though, was a quick Google Image Search of his work.

Stéphane "Wootha" Richard's Artwork


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