Free GM Resource: Welcome to the Feast of Legends RPG


Free GM Resource: Welcome to the Feast of Legends RPG
This week's Free GM Resource is definitely tongue-in-cheek, but it is a "full" free RPG from the most unlikely source: a fast-food company!

Feast of Legends is an...interesting RPG from Wendy's. Now I've only given it a once-over and my initial thoughts were that it's a bad joke and not very playable. It seemed to me that the game seemed a bit overly generous with player buffs based on food......

.....oh and pretty much everything is based on food. The gag probably gets old quickly, but it is what it is. In-game buffs based on what you're eating at the game table? Might be a bit much, but I really do think you could have some fun with it.

I'd tell my group we're playing a one-off and then arrange for the group to make a Wendy's run for a meal while creating characters. Make it a thing and go nuts.....enjoy it for what it is.

The PDF download comes with it's own combo GM's Guide and Adventure/Campaign, which isn't really obvious at 1st glance because the PDF isn't bookmarked and the initial table of contents only covers the 1st 25 pages or so. 

It's pretty much a full game, a lot more for a one-off than I would have expected. The website has a die roller and separate character sheets with pre-gens. It feels a bit 3.5/Pathfinderish, but the there are some interesting differences, like different stats that use d4's for generation and standard d4's for hit points as you level. That might be part of the offset for those buffs I mentioned earlier, but like with most any game (much less a one-off) YMMV.


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