Free GM Resource: Tiny Buildings from Crooked Staff Terrain


Free GM Resource: Tiny Buildings from Crooked Staff Terrain
A lot of times when I toss out a Free GM Resource it's just something I've found that I thought my 12 13 regular readers might like. A fair bit of time it is something I think I'd like as well. Rarely, is it something I'm really excited about....

...and today is one of those times.

For a long while now I've been kicking around the idea of making miniature (compared to the scale of common gaming minis!) buildings/terrain. I really like the idea behind Hexton Hills and bought into their Kickstarter, but that is really small scale good for countryside. I wanted something bigger that I could see actually using at the game table, something I could customize and use at the game table in conjunction with a battle map....it doesn't have to be something workable for miniature battles, but maybe a sweet-spot between straight up maps and larger in-scale (to character figures) dioramas.

I want that!

Thing is, the best I could come up with, based on my skill levels, were basically meeple-ish buildings. Just chunks of wood plopped down to represent stuff. Nothing cool or fancy.

When I saw this video from Crooked Staff Terrain on Youtube....

This is exactly what I was envisioning, but something like 10,000% better. Ideas are pretty damned worthless unless you can execute, so you can imagine how great it was for me to see Crooked Staff show me what I wanted, not what I could manage by myself.....well now I can manage by myself. I've already downloaded their template and had the print shop run off some nice laser prints on cardstock.

I need to do some figuring out still, but what I want to do is mount these onto hexagons to make small villages that I could use at the game table. I'm thinking that what I want to do is look up some old village maps and recreate these onto the hexes such that I could mix and match to make different villages. I don't know if I'll mount them to foam core or (and this is more likely) hardboard. Of course cutting accurate hexes could be an issue......could be.

You'll want to go get the free/PWYW PDF over at DriveThruRPG at this link.


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