Free GM Resource: Revisiting Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game (You Should Re-Visit...)

Free GM Resource: Revisiting Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game (You Should Re-Visit...)
I know, I know.....recycling old Free GM Resources two weeks in a row....kind of not cool. 

Thing is this is not my intention....I mean I didn't intend to do recycle...I was actually thinking of skipping this week or at least putting off until later in the week. I'm going back to work next week for my old employer and then switching over to a new employer next month and both of these companies have me doing a bunch of on-boarding to do, tons of read & signs.

Then I'm also trying to finish up some open personal projects before my way-too-much-free-time goes away.....

......anyway I was taking a break and I saw what looked like a PC Sheet booklet in this one YouTube ad (for a completely different gaming "thing"), so I wanted to see if I could find it online. I'd like to make a generic OSR PC Character Booklet and while it's for my own use I figured if there is something out there already, maybe "close enough" would save me a lot of effort.

So I start searching for one thing and after a series of link hopping I land on the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game Downloads page. What I'm after is definitely not on this page, but holy cow....there's some awesome stuff here. Now I had shared this download page as a resource back in ....2016! A lot has been added in the last 5 1/2 years, and even if you remember back that far, there's more than enough to warrant a second look.

Of course newer updates to the game and more adventures are going to be the main draw, but what I really geeked out over were the ancillary downloads. New classes, spells, rules, and of course character sheets galore. Yeah, those are pretty cool, my interest was a bit deeper, towards the ass-end of the download list. You know, those odds and ends that often get overlooked. Things like the Adventure Sheet and Adventure Log.

Yeah I geek out over the stuff most groups would probably never use.....

I didn't want to link to the individual items that I'm mentioning 'cause that's not cool and besides, you need to check out the whole page of downloads.


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