Free GM Resource: Mystara World Guide for D&D 5e


Free GM Resource: Mystara World Guide for D&D 5e
This week's Free GM Resource is most likely a limited-time thing so I do not feel at all guilty of piggy-backing (or just outright stealing) this post idea from today's post over at Tenkar's Tavern.

The RPGmp3 blog has a labor of love posted that is the Mystara Guide for D&D 5th Edition

"5 years. 224 pages. Countless hours of playtesting. All original art. The Mystara Player’s Handbook is a labor of love to bring the Known World, the greatest Dungeons & Dragons setting of all time as determined by science, into the 5th edition.

Inside you will find everything you need for your players to get started adventuring in a setting rich with culture and history. Five new races, over two dozen new subclasses, countless new spells, new forms of magic in the secret crafts, runes, and the incredibly powerful but dangerous Radiance. Featuring maps by Thorfinn Tait, a list of Immortals by Marco Delmonte, art by Rubus, Mischa Cel Frumos, and many more, is everything you wanted for a new setting."

Yeah......while I don't see Ha$bro ever putting out their own Mystara guide I can see them quickly doing a Cease & Desist on this project, so please, grab it while you can!


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