Free GM Resource: Custom Miniature Maker

Free GM Resource: Custom Miniature Maker
I'm of the opinion that one of the "big things" that's a game changer for the average GM is using a 3D printer. 

It's been my experience that most people see 3D printers as a means to directly create things they're already using, mostly minis and terrain. Heck, most of my .stl collection is either terrain or minis, and usually that's what you find when looking for files.

This is why I got a bit excited by Custom Miniature Maker because the files I saw were for tools to create some cool terrain instead of the terrain itself. They have a Patreon, which I did sign up on/for, but on their website they have a Custom Miniature Monday Mailing List. It's a bright green button about halfway down the page (actually shown twice)....the Patreon link is also a bright green button, so be careful of that.

Custom Miniature Maker Tools


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