Free GM Resource: Open Broadcaster Software

Free GM Resource: Open Broadcaster Software
Been a few weeks....had a convention to prep for and attend and then I'm off doing stuff. Not an excuse, just a fact.

Like normal, I have a few RPG projects underway. Some will undoubtedly never see the light of day and others, well they probably won't go further than my own personal gaming table....like my long-standing Work In Progress (WIP) digital game table.

I'm not documenting that table, but if I make a portable version I probably will. Anyway, as part of that project I'm needing some video(s). I've been checking things out here and there, but on some level I'd rather just have the ability to...I don't know....just play a fricken video background! Now I like to use VLC Media Player (bit of an unintended twofer!) and that works great....but....

...what if you need to edit your video?

That's where Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) comes in to play. It's a great, simple video editor that does a great job. Easy to use, easy to integrate audio, just easy.......and free!

OBS is used by a metric.....er, a lot of podcasters. I tend to use it for capturing my audio, even though I already have another audio capture/editing software that is part of a larger AV suite. OBS...just works. Highly recommended.

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