Free GM Resource: Roll for Initiative Podcast

This week I'm headed off to the Origins Game Fair, so this is a bit of a filler post while the Frugal GM is getting his game on.

Roll For Initiative Podcast
This free GM resources is a LOT of filler because there are literally DAYS of content available from this podcast about 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.  You can click on the banner above to go to the RFI homepage or click this itunes logo to go to the podcast page.

"But I don't play 1st Edition AD&D!"

Seriously?  Do you think I play 1st Ed?  I wish I was able to play 1st edition, well not really, but that is because HackMaster is my favorite game.

The real value of the RFI Podcast to a frugal GM is not in the rules these guys go into every week in the show, the value is in the discussion...the dialog, that goes on between the show's hosts.  When you get decades of gaming experience, not all 1st Edition AD&D, interacting on a regular basis, you cannot help but get a few good ideas bouncing around.  Strip the mechanics from the discussions and insert your chosen ruleset = you've got something you can use in your own game.

The RFI podcast is broken up into specific segments and they do take questions via email or google voice.  If you don't like using iTunes you can download the show form their website directly.

I know one of the hosts personally from my HackMaster 4th Edition days and I like to listen in with the podcast in the background as I work on my various game projects.

Check them out and see for yourself.


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