Super-Quick Update

Origins Game Fair 2012
The Origins Game Fair is going on right now.  The show seems a little smaller than in years past, which is understandable with the jump ahead to a much earlier time-slot.

The cool thing is that there are a lot of vendors and games to see, demo, and play.  A day pass is only $10 and a family day pass is a whopping $15.  To register for games you'll have to pay a bit more, but for $10 or $15 there is a LOT of gaming you can get in.  You'll get that money back just playing demos in the dealer's hall all day.  If a good game demo convinces you to pick up a new game or convinces you that you shouldn't pick up that new game it will be money well spent.

Back in the non-frugal GMing days I don't know how many games I bought that got played once, maybe twice or *gasp* not at all.

If you happen to be coming to the Origins Game Fair, stop by booth 321 and say "Hi" to the fine folks from KenzerCo.  While I will admit to being biased because those guys are friends of mine, it was pretty cool to sit in on a demo with the D-Team.  Usually only the really small game companies have their development team leading demos.  Jolly's digital battleboard is pretty sweet.

One of my recommended booths.....


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