Free GM Resource: Dave Graffam Models

This week's Free GM Resource is a shout-out to a great paper modeler by the name of Dave Graffam. You may have seen some of his models on DriveThruRPG.com and if you are really lucky you've stumbled across his website.

Some of the things Dave has been doing with his models just now seem to be filtering out to the other model makers.  Usually you download a paper model as a PDF and you get one model.  Buy a paper model of a house and build a bunch of those models and you end up with a rather boring suburban nightmare.

Who wants to put a lot of effort into building what looks like tract-housing?

Just about all of Dave's models are created as layered PDFs that let you customize the finished printing of each model.  This means that with a single purchase you can build a wide variety of homes.  Even if the same basic model is used in a repeated fashion, each model can be made to look different.  This little tweak really adds a lot of value to your purchase.

If you would like to try your hand at paper models, scoop up the trio of free models he has made available.  I've made a few models already and I have to say I like the attention to detail on these models.  They weren't overly complex but at the same time even the "easy" models had a few extra touches that makes me think he started out making these models for personal use and then started making them for sale.

I'm seriously considering just purchasing his complete bundle someday and going nuts on building models.  The only thing really keeping me back (aside from needing the extra money) is that I have a lot of printed but un-assembled models as it is.


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