Free GM Resource: Meatshields! with Bonus Freebies!

Stefan Poag's Barrowmaze II Art
This week's Free GM Resource is an excellent random NPC hireling generator from the folks that brought you Barrowmaze.

What is Barrowmaze?  Well...Barrowmaze and Barrowmaze II together are both parts of a massive megadungeon created specifically for Labyrinth Lord, a retro-clone.  Of course this means you could easily use this meagundeon with a whole slew of games and if you are willing to do some tweaks, just about any fantasy RPG.

Usually clicking the post's introductory art takes you to the Free GM Resource, but really this week is a three-fer.  The primary freebie is Meatshields!, The Classic Fantasy Hireling & Henchmen Generator.  Once you've bookmarked that gem, please go and check out what else Greg and his pals have put together over at the Barrowmaze blog.  If you still have some free time after that you can go and check out Labyrinth Lord where you can download a free copy (no art) version of the game.


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