Contest Winners!

I'm pleased to announce the winners, yep....winners, of the first ever Frugal GM contest!

I had planned on giving several sets of prizes to at least three places, but I wanted the focus to be on the Alea Tools markers.

The winner of the markers is James Aulds!

Second place is a large collection of paper minis and that prize goes to Aaron Gallagher.

The third place prize is a large set of flat paper miniatures mounted to 1" fender washers and they go to Shari Armstrong.

Congrats to these three folks who participated.  I will try to reach out to each of you to make arrangements to mail off your packages, but if you could shoot me off an email to make it even easier for me I'd appreciate it.  That email is:
I know I didn't need to make a picture of the email address......I just wanted to.

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  1. Congrats to the first and second place winners and yeah for me! :D