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This week is a holiday week and I hope that you get some time off to be able to either game or prep for a game, possibly both.

I know that here I'm quick to point out where you can get some free maps or awesome downloads, which can be great if you are in need of something fast, but sometimes you just want to improve your own creation skills as a GM.  Getting something handed to you usually doesn't help improve your own GM skills, it just helps you prep quickly and/or easily.

This week's Free GM Resource is a great....probably awesome, collection of useful tips for creating your own maps.  There are a few other tips scattered about, but the focus is mostly on maps and mostly on using computer programs like Photoshop.  Don't have Photoshop?  Try GIMP.....which really deserves it's own entry on Frugal GM.

This specific post is full of great/awesome map-making tips, but you might want to poke around the rest of the Cartographer's Guild website for even more great ideas.

About the Cartographer's Guild:

The Cartographers’ Guild is a forum created by and for map makers and aficionados, a place where every aspect of cartography can be admired, examined, learned, and discussed. Our membership consists of professional designers and artists, hobbyists, and amateurs—all are welcome to join and participate in the quest for cartographic skill and knowledge.

Although we specialize in maps of fictional realms, as commonly used in both novels and games (both tabletop and role-playing), many Guild members are also proficient in historical and contemporary maps. Likewise, we specialize in computer-assisted cartography (such as with GIMP, Adobe apps, Campaign Cartographer, Dundjinni, etc.), although many members here also have interest in maps drafted by hand.


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