New Hirst Arts Molds Available!

I was making my internet rounds and stopped by the Hirst Arts website and found that Bruce has a couple of new sets available.

Inn Building Accessories Mold #57, Common Inn Accessories Mold #58, and Unique Inn Accessories Mold #59 are now available.

I'm a big fan of the Hirst Arts molds and someday I'll have to share my setup.....and make a lot more casts.  Like all of my building projects I tend to go in spurts, and I'm set to get into another casting and building phase.

All of the molds I currently have are for making buildings and dungeons, which is generally what all of the Hirst Arts molds are for.  Newer sets make some awesome caverns (I need those sets as well unfortunately, but I've seen the results 1st hand), but until now there wasn't anything for the insides.

Sure, you could buy some mini sets out there or you could use some paper constructs.  There is nothing wrong with those products....heck I have some, they are great too.  The thing is, for me at least, I'd like to be able to make the furnishings for the rooms as I make the rooms and put them all together.

I'm looking forward to being able to make a couple inns and taverns for my players to be able to use.

The molds aren't terribly expensive.....they aren't cheap though, and the cost for making items is greater if you cast them in dental plaster like I do.  They take a while to make and paint up and are quite heavy.  Normally these molds wouldn't fit in the line of "Frugal" by many people's estimation.  The thing is that the finished product is extremely durable and should last you for a lifetime.  Using these molds, compared to paper model construction, has a much higher initial fixed cost (molds versus buying the PDFs), but a lower variable cost (mold material versus professional cardstock printing).  They are also much more flexible because you can build a large number of things versus the static buildings with a paper model, and the finished result it much more durable.

Just for the record, this is an unsolicited plug for a new product.  I've used some of the older molds for a couple of years now and I'm just a big fan.  Now if Bruce Hirst wants to send some molds my way I'll document some casts.....but I'd probably do that anyway.


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