Free GM Resource: PocketMod

One thing I recommend for all GMs is that they carry around with them a small notebook to record ideas.  Inspiration can strike at any moment and if you don't write down these ideas you may very well lose them forever.

You could have an idea for a campaign, an adventure, maybe some interesting trap design....who knows?

I've tried carrying a small notebook around and I'd be good for a couple days before I either forgot it somewhere or just misplaced it at home.  Obviously in a pinch any old piece of paper will do.

This week's Free GM Resource falls somewhere in between.  PocketMod is this awesome website that does one simple thing well: help you create small disposable mini-notebooks.  For the cost of a sheet of paper and some printing (essentially free), you can have your own custom notepad.

I prefer to use the storyboard layout along with a few pages of lists and graph paper.  There is a good selection of pre-designed layouts you can string together.  New since I used the site last is a downloadable PDF to PocketMod converter.  I'm thinking that I might use that as a player to create some small custom spellbooks.

I highly recommend you checkout PocketMod.


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