Making Goals and Crunching Numbers

I did some math today concerning the Frugal GM offerings on DriveThruRPG and I was a bit surprised at the results.

It had always been my intention to try and come up with some useful gaming items and offer them at a good price, with some amount being made free.  My initial assumption was that I'd not price things over $2 and I was hoping that I'd give half of the product away for free.

Imagine my surprise when I calculated that 92% of everything downloaded was done so for free.  Wow......

I'm actually somewhat proud of myself now, because I managed to follow through on an initial "goal"  The Frugal GM has "sold" over 700 items, but there is still quite a narrow product line.  There is still one item from my challenge last month that was technically completed, but I have to double-check some things and spend a far amount of time working on a guide.

There are some other items in the works as well, and I hope to put them out as time allows.  The real reason I can do this is because it is still fun.  If I go trying to make it "work" in order to earn money, then motivation will dry up quickly.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out the Frugal GM's DriveThruRPG store and given my items a review.


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