Frugal GM Review: Mystic Mountain's Town Square Clock Tower

Frugal GM Review: Mystic Mountain's Town Square Clock Tower
While I'm not a great paper modeler, I get by.  One of the free models I downloaded from Drive Thru RPG was this Town Square Clock Tower from Mystic Mountain Productions.

The first thing I noticed about this model was that simple fact that it was actually two models in one file.  One was the clock tower and the other was a simple monument.  The second monument option was a helluva cool bonus, and the choice for my build.  Both models are basically an obelisk with small base and plaque.  The whole thing sits on a nice pedestal and comes with a set of four stone benches.

Town Square Monument Pieces Cut Out
Each model was pretty compact, coming on two pages.  A third file of instructions ran 9 pages long.  There were a ton of pictures and the instructions were simply great.  I only had one real problem putting it together and that was more just my inexperience as a paper modeler.  Cutting out the parts was easy enough and most of the gluing was easy, aside from one piece (and just that one piece).

Assembled Town Square Monument Model
My finished monument had a bit of a lean to it, which I thought actually worked out for the better because it needed that extra bit of charm.  I obviously need to work on my black lining and gluing skills, but the model was pretty forgiving for a little sloppiness here and there.  The hardest thing to glue, outside of my problem part, were the stone benches, but that was just because the bottoms of the benches are small cubes that were more challenging for me.
Frugal GM 5 Star Review: Mystic Mountain's Town Square Clock Tower
Overall, this was a great model and if my experiences with this model are any indication of the rest of Mystic Mountain's offerings, and I have to assume they are (Isn't that the purpose of putting out a free model?), then I plan on putting together more of their models in the future.


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