Free GM Resource: Convenience Store Floorplans

Free GM Resource: Convenience Store Floorplans
This week's Free GM Resource is a little specialized and is probably only of use to those of you playing RPGs in a modern setting, or perhaps some post-apocalyptic RPG.

I wish I had these available when I was running Final Days because I like the idea of being able to battle undead in a familiar setting.

This collection of Convenience Store Floorplans comes from Supermarket Services Company.  I don't expect anyone here will be needing them to design your next grocery store, but if you are a retail tycoon looking to expand....

This just goes to show you that there are a lot of great resources out there in the wild for Frugal GMs to discover.  I'm thinking you could probably use one of these plans scaled out as a variant of Zombies!!!


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