Free GM Resource: Myth Weavers

Free GM Resource: Myth Weavers
This week's Free GM Resource is a small website that really reaches out to be a useful GM tool. At Myth Weavers they have a blog, forum, wiki, and several great GM aides:
          Dungeon generator*
          NPC Generator
          Town Generator (no maps though)
          Treasure Generator
          Die Roller

I think the die roller is a forum post function. If you wanted to have a place where you could run a play by post game, Myth Weavers could easily accommodate you. They seem to have a pretty active gaming community, with over 120,000 users.

Could be worth checking out.

*I loved the fact that you could generator your dungeon and they give you a url so you could bookmark it and come back to it as needed. Great feature.


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