Frugal GM Review: D20 Cartographer's Sample Tavern

Frugal GM Review: D20 Cartographer's Sample Tavern
This week I took a look at another free offering from Drive Thru RPG. I've used some of D20 Cartographer's One Dollar Dungeon's, but I haven't yet looked at their Mega Townscapes line.

The Tavern is a sample file from that Mega Townscapes line and I find it to be a pretty good little map. There were five files in this zip file: a easy-print PDF, a .rpmap file (MapTools map), a simple readme, and two jpgs.

The first jpg is the tavern with no roof on a background of grass and dirt. There are the edges and outlines of several building in addition to this tavern and I have to assume that those would be other locations in the Mega Townscapes line. The other jpg is comprised of two parts. The left half is the same picture from the 1st jpg, but this time the roof covers the tavern. The other half is just the tavern. There is no roof or background on that half of the picture.

While I appreciate having a Virtual TableTop file for MapTools as part of the download, I didn't really see the point as it didn't appear to have any blocking set up as part of the map. All the rpmap file did was show the same file as the first jpg, but without any grid overlay.

I would have liked to received two simple jpg files, one of the roof and one of the tavern, neither containing grid lines. The jpgs are 100 dpi, so we know the resolution or grids should we want too add them ourselves. Best would be 300 dpi files so I could print this out and use as part of a table-top map instead of just as part of a virtual tabletop display. If I could print this up at that resolution I'd make this sample tavern the default tavern location for my home group.
Frugal GM Four Star Review: D20 Cartographer's Sample Tavern

As it is I'm going to have to play around with it in Photoshop to use as a regular VTT resource. Still, it is a nice map of a small simple tavern.


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