Free GM Resource: One Page Dungeon Contest

Free GM Resource: One Page Dungeon Contest
This week's Free GM Resource is a big one. Last week I came across the One Page Dungeon Contest because they just announced their 2013 winners.

All the submissions are Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported and you have several choices as far as how to download them. You can simply download the winning entries, all submissions, or even individual files.

There is a lot of talent and inspiration that went into this contest and I was blown away by the entries. Even cooler is the fact that you can go through and get the submissions from years past.

I really wish I had known about this contest before because I would have entered. I don't think I would have won (because the other entries were that awesome), but it would have been a fun
One Page Dungeon Contest
Seriously....save the date!
challenge. It is good to push your GMing boundaries a bit and trying to come up with an adventure condensed to such a small format would definitely be a challenge for this GM.

I'm assuming that next-year's contest will be in April, so you might want to save the date!

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