Frugal GM Contest for Inked Adventures Stuff!

Frugal GM Contest for Inked Adventures Stuff!
OK, I've had some time to think about things regarding a sponsored Inked Adventures contest and I've come up with some parameters for the contest.

My goal is to get some evidence of people using Inked Adventures product in their home game. I know from experience there is a huge difference between making something for others to use, seeing that people have at least downloaded it, and actually witnessing people having fun with your "stuff".

For the record, I don't benefit personally from this contest. This is my way of helping support a cool indie publisher.

Contest Rules:

  1. This contest will be open to all followers & viewers of the Frugal GM.
  2. There is a maximum of one entry per person.
  3. The number of prizes awarded will be determined by the number of contest entries, with 1+ entrants there will be a first-place prize (Inked Adventures Hand Drawn Large Geomorph Tiles $8.00 value), 11-20+ entries will introduce a second place prize (Inked Adventures: Modular Dungeon Cut-Up Sections Basic Pack $4.50 value), and 21+ entries will allow for a third-place prize as well (Inked Adventures Encounter Lairs 2 Templar Chapel $2.50 value).
  4. The Frugal GM reserves the right to substitute a DriveThruRPG gift card in the appropriate value amount or other Inked Adventures products at the same dollar value (In case you already have the prize in your library).
  5. Contest period starts today (May 23, 2013) and ends at midnight on June 30, 2013.
  6. To enter, post a picture of Inked Adventures product in use at "your" table somewhere on the web, along with a few (at least 50) words on how you used it at your table. Email a link to "article" the Frugal GM or put it in the comments for this blog post. 
      1. The web location must be publicly view-able.
      2. The picture must be original.
      3. "Your Table" refers to a game you are running or playing. You must be an active participant. It can be an online game.
      4. It can be a pic/post of free Inked Adventures product.
  7. The Frugal GM reserves the right to change this contest as needed, but all changes much be published edits to this contest blog, dated and displayed prominently.
  8. The winning entries will be determined at random from all entries received. (2013.05.23-I can't believe I overlooked this one huge detail!)
Frugal GM Email Address

TLDR Version:
Make a unique post online with a pic of you using Inked Adventures product, along with a blurb before the end of June. Let the Frugal GM know about it.

Go out, download and use some free product (or buy some....buying some is good too), and have fun!


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